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A Hiring Guide: Tips for Vetting House Painters

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Hiring a qualified house painter is trickier than looking for a walk-in bath conversion contractor. While vetting a remodeling contractor is generally tedious, it is relatively straightforward—all you need to do is check a contractor’s licenses and certifications. Only contractors who have undergone professional training can get licensed and certified. However, the same can’t be said for house painters—they don’t need licenses or certifications to work as a house painter, making it harder to vet them.

You shouldn’t get too worried though. Certain details can give you an idea of a house painter’s level of expertise. Don’t overlook the following details when hiring a contractor:

Website Portfolio

The first part of the vetting process is looking up a house painter’s website or social media pages. Look for pictures showcasing their work and zoom in to examine the details. The more intricate the details of a paint job, the higher the level of expertise that is needed to execute it.

The Paint and Tools They’re Using

Make sure to keep an eye out for the kinds of tools and paint they use in the pictures. Aside from following property safety procedures, contractors should use the proper tools and high-quality paint. If you need high-quality paint, walk-in bath installation companies recommend using HomePride Coatings™. HomePride coatings are 40 times thicker and 87% more reflective than regular paint, creating a more stain-resistant and longer-lasting exterior.

Professional Recommendations on a Paint Job

Don’t forget to have a prospective contractor conduct an onsite visit before hiring them. Use the visit as an opportunity to interview them and ask for recommendations about the exterior design. If you’re talking face-to-face, it’s easier to tell if a contractor really knows what they’re talking about. Plus, this is a chance for you to get a feel of whether you’ll enjoy working with the contractor or not.

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