Taking a bath or showering should always be a luxurious experience. If certain parts of your bathroom aren’t functioning properly or it’s been years since it’s been updated, it may be time for a makeover. Like with any part of the house, you’d want to go for appealing, durable and long-lasting materials for your shower.

Find out what LuxStone is and how it performs against popular shower materials from one of the area’s best shower remodeling companies.

What Is LuxStone?

Made from a blend of Sylacauga marble and high-strength fiber strands, LuxStone shower walls are stronger than your typical bath and shower surfaces. Compared to tile, fiberglass, granite and acrylic, Luxstone is more durable, cost-effective and customizable. It’s also easier to install, nonporous, and low-maintenance.

Like fiberglass, LuxStone shower walls won’t chip or discolor through the years. This product, both popular among shower replacement contractors and homeowners, is made to keep a brand new look that lasts longer than fiberglass, tile, and acrylic. When you choose LuxStone, you’ll have a chic and elegant shower that stands the test of time.

Why Choose LuxStone?

LuxStone comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Whether you prefer a sleek and smooth finish or a textured pattern, there’s an option for you. You can also combine different hues and styles to give your bathroom a unique look. Moreover, LuxStone is installed with a tight seal, preventing moisture infiltration and the problems that come with it. You don’t have to worry about water damage with a shower that’s easy to clean and maintain.

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