Walk-in showers are one of the most alluring features of bathrooms. Apart from their classy appearance, they are easy to clean and safe for residents of all ages. Plus, they add tremendous value to homes, especially those that are put up for sale.

Walk-in Shower Ideas to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

HomePride, one of the top local shower remodeling companies, shares some of the walk-in shower ideas to consider for your next bathroom remodeling project.

Flawless Design Transition

You can choose a shower design that joins with the entire bathroom style. With this, you get a continuous surface that flows seamlessly from the shower to the main bathroom area. Establishing the shower as a focal point of the space is easy—just encase it in glass panels that cover the length of the floor up to the ceiling.

Spa-Style Walk-in Shower

Shower installation companies like ours can bring the serenity and luxury of a spa and incorporate its design elements into your own bathroom remodel. A custom layout featuring wall mounts, grab bars and shower seats can be outfitted into the whole space. Rounding up this style would be the addition of a rain-style showerhead and under-the-seat shelves for storage.

Light-Filled Shower

Bathing your bathroom in light can make the whole space more airy and expansive. Let your walk-in shower radiate a delightful look every time you use it with a series of elegant light bulbs with controllable features. You can even consider a skylight or a window to bring natural light in and brighten up the shower.

A walk-in shower takes know-how and expertise to build. Apart from hiring one of the shower replacement contractors in the local area, it is important to also consult with your local building authorities prior to the remodel to ensure code compliance.

At HomePride, we strive to create the most curated and well-planned home improvement experience possible. Our goal is to help our customers live with grace by providing products and installations that are hassle-free and uncommon in today’s marketplace.

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