Remodeling contracts ensure that your contractor will follow the previously agreed upon terms of the project, so all the important details need to be included. Luxstone™ of Colorado, one of the top shower replacement companies in the state, lists them down below.

Contractor’s Basic Information

The contractor’s basic information, namely his name, business address and phone numbers, should be included alongside his professional qualifications, like his license number.

Scope of Work

A contract legally compels the contractor to fulfill his responsibilities. Clarify what these responsibilities are in the contract.

The Materials to Be Used in the Project

The quote given by the contractor should give you an overview of the materials to be used in the project. But details the materials ‘ brand, size, color and model have to be in the contract. If, for example, you hired one of your local shower remodeling companies to remodel your bathroom, you’d want to make sure the contractor won’t use substandard showerheads instead of the brands you paid for. Including details like the brand in the contract can prevent dubious contractors from pocketing the profits.

Cancellation Clauses

You can cancel the contract, but it has to be within three business days after you signed it. Make sure that a notice of this right is included in the contract.

Arbitration Clauses

Lots of home improvement projects get delayed or even canceled due to a disagreement between the contractor and the homeowner. If this disagreement breaches the terms of the contract, either party can take each other to court. To avoid costly litigation, include in the contract a binding arbitration clause that will force parties to go through a mediator first before taking legal action.

Terms of Payment

Finance professionals are usually the only ones who can understand accounting jargon, so it would be a good idea to have the terms of payment written in a way that anyone can understand.


If the contractor made any mistakes with the remodeling, a warranty will cover the resulting costs. The contract should include the warranty period, the contact details of the company that will honor the warranty, as well as the type (whether it is a full or limited warranty).

To make sure your remodeling project will go smoothly, only hire experienced contractors. HomePride, one of the top shower installation companies, has 25 years’ worth of experience. To get a free consultation, call us at (303) 928-6696 or leave us a message on this form.

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