LuxStone™ showers are sleek and beautiful. KOHLER®® combines LuxStone’s timeless design with features that can improve a bathroom’s accessibility. In today’s blog post, HomePride by HomePride, one of the leading bathroom remodeling contractors in our area, discusses the three best things about getting a LuxStone shower makeover.

1. Peace of Mind

When you purchase a LuxStone shower, all elements of this shower are KOHLER® products. You will have peace of mind knowing that these products are top of the line and are backed by Kohler Co.’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. Kohler designers and engineers have worked for more than 140 years to perfect the product experience, so you can have confidence in your shower’s beauty and performance.

2. High Quality Materials

LuxStone shower walls are one of a kind and they are made exclusively for LuxStone customers. Our showers have a non-porous and non-staining surface that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. All LuxStone showers that we install are also designed to precisely fit our customers’ bathrooms. LuxStone Wall Panels are made of natural marble and durable fiber strands. They offer a high-end feel that acrylic showers can’t offer. As one of the top bathtub replacement contractors in our area, we’ll discuss the many great features of our LuxStone showers during our initial consultation.

3. Saving Time and Money

Our certified installation team will save you a lot of time and energy during your bathroom remodel. You just need to remove any valuables or fragile items from your bathroom and let us work. Our team will wear booties and put down sheets to keep the worksite as clean as possible. We can finish the installation in as little as a day or two depending on the complexity of the project.

We are the top shower and bathtub installation contractors in our local area because of our many years of experience, excellent workmanship and great customer service. We focus on improving the world around us with our innovative products and one-of-a-kind services. We want to make your home the best possible version that it can be. Call us at (303) 558-5225 to learn more about our services and products or to request an estimate.

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