Aging in place has been getting a lot of attention lately because many homeowners are choosing to stay in their current homes. If you want to spend your golden years in the house that you live in today, then you need to learn about the barriers to aging in place. In this blog post, LuxStone™ of Colorado by HomePride, one of the top walk-in bath companies in our local area discusses the common barriers to implementing aging in place features.


Our ability to accomplish daily tasks tends to diminish with age because of a variety of health issues. Unfortunately, the typical home is not designed with accessibility in mind. Your home will need to be modified in order for you to have easier access to everyday tasks, objects and locations. We recommend working with an experienced home remodeler because they can make suggestions on how to best make your home more accessible.

House Design

There can be a lack of proper planning at a community level for multigenerational or intergenerational homes. There are not enough homes that are built using Universal Design principles. Universal design features accommodate people of all ages and abilities, and they can make life much easier and more comfortable for seniors. We are the top walk-in tub conversion contractor in our area and we can make your bathroom safer and more secure.


Making the decision to spend your retirement years in your current home shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will need to prepare and plan for this transition. You need to find the right remodeling company for your home and you will need to learn about the various aging in place features that you can implement for your home.

As one of the leading walk-in tub installation companies in our local area, we can help you implement the aging in place features that you need. We take great pride in making home modifications that can help our customers become more comfortable and independent. We a Medicaid Approved Contractor for the state of Colorado so we are one of the few companies in the state that have been approved to do Medicaid-sponsored work. Call us at (303) 558-5225 to learn more about our services and products or to request an estimate.

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