One of the many features frequently asked of shower remodeling companies are frameless shower doors. Bathrooms tend to embrace minimalism in its design more than any other room in the house. This is because bathrooms usually have the smallest floor areas, which is made worse the more clutter it has. Frameless shower doors are a staple of minimalist bathrooms, however, this type of door may not be right for everyone.

frameless shower doors

Choosing a shower door is largely dependent on your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, certain functionality considerations must also be taken into account. Let our expert bathroom remodelers at HomePride show you the pros and cons of using a frameless shower door for your next bathroom upgrade.

Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors

The corrosion of metal frames is perhaps the most common problem many shower installation companies and homeowners face. Bathrooms often have high levels of humidity which could stain and eventually corrode even the sturdiest of metal frames. Frameless shower doors typically have minimal metal hardware, making them less prone to unsightly corrosion.

HomePride offers customizable frameless shower doors from KOHLER®®, which can be made to fit whatever dimensions your shower may have. A tight fit ensures that leaks are kept at a minimum, and adds to the minimalist design of your bathroom.

Why Frameless Shower Doors Might Not Be Right For You

Many shower replacement contractors warn against using frameless shower doors in homes with energetic young children who might cause accidents that could shatter the glass panels. Of course, the glass itself is built strong enough to withstand impact, but continuous bumps and hits would eventually affect its structure.

In these cases, HomePride offers other custom shower doors that can meet the specific needs of your home while remaining both stylish and functional. Ask our professionals about which style of shower door is best for your bathroom.

Learn more about frameless shower doors and other bathroom upgrades with the help of our experts at HomePride. Give us a call at (303) 558-5225 or fill out our contact form to schedule a virtual consultation and request a free estimate on bathroom renovations today.

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