2021 will soon bring in trending color trends that are uplifting and inspire a bold sense of renewal. These popular color combinations also offer a soothing feeling and a sense of calm that can help make your bathroom remodel look more elegant and inviting.

Below are some color trends recommended by professional walk-in bath companies:

Raw, Matte and Beige Colors

Colors such as beige, brown and white conjugate to give a calm and relaxed atmosphere. The choice of colors still depends directly on the type of bathroom, so if you have a small space, we recommend using white as your main color with some beige touches. Having rustic colors will also give a nice touch to bathroom remodels if they’re complemented with wooden furniture.

Black and White

As a trusted walk-in tub conversion contractor, we recommend a black and white combination if you want a high contrast color scheme for your bathroom remodel. You can have the cabinet stands painted in contrast to the walls and accessories, while the tiles remain neutral. You can also include mahogany cabinets and white bathtubs to create a more neutral field of color.

Misty Aqua

This color pastel is meant to inspire people to look ahead to cloudless skies and dream of relaxing tropical destinations. If you pair this color with cooler whites and grays, you’ll make your bathroom remodel feel more serene.

Red Tones

A red back wall can make white tiles look very elegant as it combines nicely with smaller black details. The red color is ideal if you’re going for more exotic and luxurious bathrooms without breaking your budget.

If you’re going for a casual and classic bathroom, consider our design options from KOHLER®®’s LuxStone™ shower systems. We’ll have just the right color combination for your bathroom remodel. And as one of the best walk-in tub installation companies in the area, HomePride is the only name you can trust. You can reach us at (303) 558-5225, or you can schedule a virtual appointment today!


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