Are you planning to give your bathroom a makeover? According to bathroom remodeling companies, you should go for engineered marble for the shower surfaces. Why go for this material for such an important area of your bathroom? Our experts shed some light on the matter.

What Is Engineered Marble?

Engineered marble is a type of material made by crushing natural rock which is usually obtained from “recycled” stone components. The crushed bits are bound together by resin and the finished material closely resembles natural marble in terms of appearance.

Difference Between Engineered and Natural Marble

The biggest difference between engineered and natural marble is the surface. Natural marble has a porous surface, while engineered marble does not. According to shower installation companies, this is the most important factor when picking shower surfaces because the material will come in contact with plenty of water.

A More Eco-friendly Choice

Because engineered marble is made of recycled material, experts consider it an eco-friendly choice. First, there’s no need to get raw marble from quarries. Second, the materials recycled to create engineered marble translates to fewer wastes ending up in landfills.

Good Value for the Price

Although natural and engineered marble look similar, they can greatly vary in terms of price. Also, because engineered marble does not have seams, there are fewer gaps where water can seep into and cause problems like mold growth, reducing the amount of costly maintenance you can get. With great looks and low-maintenance requirements, shower replacement contractors highly recommend this material for those who want a classy-looking bathroom, even on a budget.

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