Giving your bathroom a makeover can be expensive, so there’s a good chance that you only have a limited amount of options. However, it is possible to make the most out of your budget if you’re smart about making changes to your bathroom. Here are a few budget-friendly remodeling ideas from one of the leading walk-in bath companies in the area.

Changes Around the Toilet


The toilet is one of the bathroom’s most important elements. If you want changes that will give you a lot of value for your budget, you should prioritize changes revolving around the use of your toilet. You can replace the toilet itself or have quality-of-life additions like grab handles on a nearby wall or a better bidet, among other possible changes.

Changes Around the Vanity Area


The vanity area is also a key component of the bathroom. Vanity and walk-in tub installation companies will generally recommend additions or changes that improve the appearance and functionality of your vanity. New surfaces, the addition of better toiletry containers, lighting around the mirror or fixtures and other similar changes are generally affordable but bring better results.

Changes Around the Shower Area


The shower area is one of the largest components and it gives you plenty of opportunities to make affordable meaningful changes centered around it. A wall-mounted soap or shampoo dispenser, upgraded thermal controls, or even installing a non-slip surface on the floor area are considered good investments.

Converting to a Walk-in Bathtub


A walk-in bathtub might not seem like a “small” change, but if you have limited options because of your budget, it’s better to have it as one of your priorities. Walk-in tub installation companies say that the long-term value you get from a tub conversion makes it one of the most cost-effective changes you can get for your money, especially if you have people with mobility issues living with you.

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