Completing your dream bathroom remodel takes lots of time and planning, but it can be done if you already have the right materials, fixtures and finishes in mind. You’ll also need to look for locally trusted and professional shower remodeling companies who have the right experience to make your dream bathroom a reality.

But sometimes, there are a few things and elements that are often overlooked when designing your bathroom remodel, which often results in a completed project that may fall short of your expectations. Make sure not to forget these considerations to make the most out of your bathroom remodel!

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is needed if you want to prevent odors and moisture from lingering in the air, which can otherwise cause mold growth. It may be difficult for homes without a window in the bathroom, but you can still stop mold and mildew in their tracks by installing an exhaust fan that can provide proper ventilation.


This is also important to consider as bathrooms tend to be shared. If you’re wondering how you can incorporate more privacy in your bathroom remodel, shower installation companies recommend installing a LuxStone™ Shower by KOHLER®®. Along with custom design features that provide the right amount of privacy you want, we also offer a variety of color, texture, and pattern combinations. This makes your shower experience more enjoyable, since you’ll have a master bath that’s more accommodating for two people who use it at the same time.

Proper Lighting and Flooring

Make sure to add ample lighting in your bathroom remodel. There are a variety of lights to choose from to help you ensure your space is well-lit, especially in your shower where it’s most prone to slips and falls. As for flooring, consider a non-slip material such as vinyl, ceramic, or even cork to prevent accidents.

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