A bathroom remodel can get hectic at times, but all the time and effort you put in will be worth it in the end. LuxStone™ of Colorado, one of the state’s top bathtub installation contractors, shares some tips for executing a bathroom remodel below.

Remove All Your Belongings From the Affected Areas Beforehand

Of course, you should remove all of your belongings in the bathroom before the start of the project. Don’t forget to pack all your personal belongings in nearby rooms, like your master bedroom if the bathroom is located there, as well. Doing so will not only help minimize delays but also prevent dust from accumulating on your belongings.

Cover Furniture and Door Openings With Plastic Sheets

Replacing tiles and drywall will produce a lot of dust, which could end up on your bed, couch or chairs. Cover all your furniture with a plastic sheet to make clean-up easier. Bathroom remodeling contractors also recommend covering door openings with a tarp to keep the dust from spreading to the other parts of your home.

Ask Your Contractor to Set Up a Shower Unit for Daily Use

If you’re remodeling the only bathroom in your home, ask your contractor to set up a makeshift shower you and your family can use while renovations are ongoing. Temporary shower units are often installed in the basement. You can also ask them to set up a toilet in the basement.

Expect the Unexpected

In a bathroom remodel, you can never rule out the risk of delays, which is why you need to be flexible with the project timeline to a certain extent and managing your expectations.

Communicate Any Concerns to Your Contractor

However, if you have any concerns about the remodel’s progress, don’t hesitate to tell your contractor about these. Remember: A bathroom remodel is a collaboration between you and your contractor, which makes constant communication crucial to a project’s success. Things would also be a lot easier if you’re working with bathtub replacement contractors you trust.

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