Homeowners, especially whose loved ones have mobility issues, can benefit from installing walk-in bathtubs. Built ergonomically with features such as low step-in and heated surfaces, they’re a must-have in any aging-in-place bath. Prevailing myths and misconceptions about this bathing solution, however, cause some to shy away from them.

Today, HomePride, one of the leading bathroom conversion companies in the area, debunks the most popular myths surrounding walk-in tubs.

Myth #1: Water leaks occur by the walk-in tub’s door.

This is arguably the most prevalent myth about walk-in baths. If this were the case, any user can be at risk of slipping and falling, negating the tub’s safety features. Fortunately, this is not apparent in today’s products. The doors of every walk-in tub are airtight so that no water escapes and pools the bathroom floor. The doors also open inward, ensuring that water pressure being exerted prevents them from getting opened accidentally while you enjoy your bath.

Myth #2: Walk-in tubs are difficult to clean.

The fact that walk-in tubs have more features than traditional bathtubs is the reason why some people think they require more upkeep. Many bathroom renovation companies, however, say otherwise. Certain products, in fact, don’t require fancy cleaning products or extra effort to keep walk-in tubs free from dirt and grime.

Myth #3: They take a long time to fill and drain.

Similar to the aspect of maintenance, filling and draining a walk-in tub is the same as that of its traditional counterpart. The time it takes to fill and drain it would depend on its size and the strength of water pressure.

At HomePride, we offer the elegant KOHLER®® walk-in tubs, with their beautiful design and spa-like features to ensure a one-of-a-kind bathing experience. Contact us to find out how this product debunks all the myths listed above.

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