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What to Ask Your Remodeler Before Buying a Walk-In Bath

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Buying a walk-in bath is something that you do only once in a blue moon. Also, this fixture can be a major expense. You should have an inquisitive mind to pick the right product that meets your current and future needs.

In this post, LuxStone™ of Colorado’s book shares some of the most important things you should ask your remodeler.

Is the Walk-In Bath Customizable?

KOHLER® walk-in baths have standard features, but experienced shower remodeling companies would advise you to inquire about customization. Many of the fixture’s design elements can be tailored to your specific demands and the limitations of your space, so find out everything you can customize before anything else.

How Many Jets Should I Look for in a Bath?

The placement of the jets in the walk-in bath is more relevant than the quantity, for more is not always better. An excessive number of jets could negatively affect the power of each one.

Most tub and shower installation companies would attest that having a jet for each stress point along the body is what truly matters. Walk-in tubs with individual jets positioned to target the feet, legs, and spine usually deliver the best massage experience.

How Low Should the Threshold Be?

Threshold height varies from brand to brand. Generally, it should be around three to seven inches. The lower it is, the safer it is to step through.

How Wide Should the Door Be?

Like threshold height, the width of the door defines the overall usability of the walk-in bath. Not a single set of dimensions is right for everyone, so it is something that should be finalized during the consultation.

How Long Will the Installation Take?

Certified KOHLER® walk-in bath and shower replacement contractors would admit that the installation can be finished in as fast as one day. Some factors might increase the complexity of the job, though.

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