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Tub-to-Shower Conversion Tips From the Pros

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As one of the leading bathroom renovation companies in the area, we’re sharing a few tips to make sure your tub-to-shower conversion becomes a worthwhile investment.

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Do you want to convert your bathtub into a more versatile shower area? Tub-to-shower conversions are tricky because they can give you a lot of value for the money if done correctly, but can lose you a lot if done wrong. As one of the leading bathroom renovation companies in the area, we’re sharing a few tips to make sure your tub-to-shower conversion becomes a worthwhile investment.

Choose Between a Shower Kit or a Custom

Tub-to-shower conversion has two major options: a shower kit or a custom tile installation. A shower kit is designed to fit into where your old bathtub was and features surfaces made of vinyl or fiberglass. Custom installations often involve laying out tiles of your choosing for the surface and are much more expensive but durable and generally better-looking.

Build Away from Windows

Having a bathtub next to a window is fine because there isn’t a lot of splashing around going on. However, that’s not the case if you convert the area into a shower. Bathroom conversion companies recommend avoiding areas next to a window to prevent problems related to mold and water seeping through the window’s casing.

Pay Attention to the Floor

Your new shower area’s floor has to be able to contain the water whenever someone’s taking a shower. Shower pans with raised barriers do a great job of keeping water runoff from getting everywhere in the bathroom but curbless shower stalls with slightly sloped floors do a better job at “blending in” with the rest of the room.

Hire a Tub-to-Shower Conversion Expert

This type of project requires a lot of technical know-how and experience, so taking a DIY approach to things is a big no-no. If you want to guarantee good results, you have to hire tub to shower conversion contractors to get the job done. Aside from making sure your conversion will be a success, they’ll also be capable of working faster so you get to enjoy your new shower sooner than later.

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