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Top 4 Reasons to Get a Walk-In Bath

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Bathroom renovation companies are only too happy to install a new tub to replace your old one, or install one in a bathroom that has none. But choosing the right bathtub might not be as straightforward as it sounds. There are so many choices out there that it’s easy to get confused. What do you really need in a tub?

One of the tub types that’s gaining popularity is the walk-in bath. It’s best to ask your contractor about walk-in baths before making a decision. However, here are some of the best reasons to get one:


A walk-in bath is not your typical tub. It comes equipped with a door that swings out to let the user in. But it’s not just a tub; it also comes with several functions that make it superior to regular types. It’s a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Choose a tub with the right water jets for a more relaxing and luxurious bath experience. Many bathroom conversion companies recommend a walk-in bath before the homeowner decides to get rid of the bath in favor of a shower.


A walk-in bath has a door that seals in the water. It opens out to allow safer access. You don’t have to climb over the edge of a regular bathtub and be at risk of falling. You simply walk in, sit on the built-in seating, and enjoy your bath.


If you’re recuperating from an injury that makes it hard to get in the bath, the walk-in bath won’t give you any problems. It’s also a great bath for people with limited mobility, such as seniors, as they don’t need any help getting in the bath.


Hydrotherapy has been known to relieve the body of aches and pains, especially after a long, stressful day. Now, it’s possible with a walk-in bath. The jets of water can help relax your muscles quickly.

Walk-in tubs are highly recommended for people living with seniors, or those who intend to age in place. Having a safe, luxurious bath gives you one less thing to worry about as you get older.

Talk to us today at LuxStone™ of Colorado if you would like to experience the benefits of a walk-in bath. However, if you have made up your mind about removing the tub, or if you want to replace the tub in another bathroom, we can also help you. We are one of the most trusted tub to shower conversion contractors in the area. Call us at (303) 558-5225 or use this form. We look forward to improving your bathroom.

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