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Tips for Creating a Timeless Bathroom Design

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Here are some tips for creating a bathroom design that stands the test of time, courtesy of HomePride, one of the best bathroom renovation companies in the country.

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Creating a bathroom with a timeless design doesn’t require homeowners to spend a lot of time and money. All that’s needed is some great ideas. Here are some tips for creating a bathroom design that stands the test of time, courtesy of HomePride, one of the best bathroom renovation companies in the country.

Go for White

Timeless bathroom designs will almost always involve classic colors. What better color to choose than white? White is a neutral paint color that won’t require homeowners to repaint every time the trend changes. It also allows homeowners to add accents to the bathroom without any extra effort. Simply put the accents such as stone, wood, metal or any other colored material near a white wall to make it stand out.

Choose Classic Materials

Marble, stone, ceramic and wood – these materials, if used in the right places for the right items, will transform any bathroom into a timeless bathroom. Marble and stone can be used on floors and countertops. Ceramic tubs and sinks look great and wooden ladders and shelves can be used as accents.

Go for Simplicity

Simple bathrooms will always stand the test of time. Why not make everything easy for yourself and install a LuxStone shower in your bathroom? Professional tub to shower conversion contractors say LuxStone showers are highly customizable are easy to clean and come in timeless designs that will appeal to any homeowner.

LuxStone showers can be configured according to your preferences. They can be designed to feature a tub that you can use as your personal spa or be fitted with a shower base so you can take relaxing showers anytime.

If you’re looking for bathroom conversion companies that can turn your bathroom into a timeless bathroom, look no further than as HomePride. We would love to help you achieve a better bathroom for better baths. Call us at (303) 558-5225 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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