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Three Fs of Bathroom Design and Planning Tips You Can Follow

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It is possible to ease the planning process of your bathroom: you just need to keep the three Fs in mind.

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Your bathroom is a space in your home that has a lot going on. Therefore, it’s important that it’s as functional and practical as possible. Unfortunately, even with the aid of bathroom remodeling contractors, the bathroom can still be one of the most complicated rooms to remodel. Luckily, it is possible to ease the planning process of your bathroom: you just need to keep the three Fs in mind.

In this article, HomePride tells you the three Fs of bathroom design and the tips that you can follow when planning your bathroom remodel.


The form is very important when it comes to bathroom remodeling projects. During the planning stage, ask yourself what textures and style you want to see in your bathroom. Apart from that, consider what materials and shapes you’ll want to use as well. However, don’t overthink and don’t forget to bring your personal style into play when planning for your bathroom.


A well-designed bathroom can make you and your household members feel many things. With that in mind, ask yourself how you want your finished bathroom to feel. If you’re having difficulties in deciding, you can always ask your bathtub replacement contractors for their help and advice.


This is the most important step in planning your bathroom remodeling project. During the planning stage, you need to get specific with how you want your bathroom to function. Keep in mind that your bathroom can perform different functions in a single day. For instance, it can be a place to quickly move through on your way to work in the morning or it can also be a relaxation zone where you take a soak in the tub at night. With that in mind, be sure to consider such practicalities when you’re planning for your new bathroom’s design.

Tips to Follow When Planning

The three Fs aren’t the only things that you should keep in mind when planning for your new bathroom. There are also a few other tips that you can follow to make the process easier. First off, make sure to analyze the space you’re working with as you may be more restricted in the remodeling than you expected. Once you’ve done that, you can now make a floor plan. Think about the necessary essentials that have to be in the bathroom, such as the sink, toilet and shower as they are the key functional zones of any bathroom.

Finally, before deciding if what you have so far is the design you want, make sure to assess your plan’s practicality. Don’t forget to leave enough space between fixtures so you can use them safely and comfortably.

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