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Things to Know About LuxStone®’s DTV Prompt Shower Accessory

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Our home’s bathrooms have come a long way since its inception. What was once simply a tank has evolved to a comfortable, futuristic and convenient area wherein you can relax and take a breather after a long day. In fact, our bathrooms have evolved to the point where you can control them with the single click of a button. In today’s post, one of the leading walk-in bath installation companies, LuxStone® of Colorado, shares the things you need to know about the LuxStone DTV prompt shower accessory that adds a ton of convenience to your bathroom experience.

What Does it Do?

Using the DTV prompt, you can turn your shower on and off with the simple touch of a button. You can even switch between spray outlets and accurately control your water’s temperature without manually adjusting the lever. The DTV prompt also allows you to set up your preferred settings upon start-up so you can bathe right away. In fact, it can even control different kinds of faucets such as traditional showerheads, rain heads, body sprays, hand showers and tub fillers. It can connect to at most, three outlets, which you can control individually or collectively.

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Benefits of DTV Prompt Shower

Installing a DTV Prompt Shower grants you unprecedented convenience when using your shower. Aside from controlling your bathroom fixtures with a single touch, it also comes with features such as a warm-up function that allows you to set a specific temperature for your shower so that you won’t experience sudden temperature fluctuations resulting in a soothing bath experience. It also helps reduce your monthly water bills since you can set a timer for your shower that limits your water usage and avoids any waste.

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