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Quick Tips to Help You Create a Luxury Shower Experience

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Showering is usually seen as the more quick and practical option compared with taking a bath, but showering can actually be pretty luxurious as well. You can make showering feel like taking a trip to the spa. In this article, LuxStone™ of Colorado by HomePride, one of the top shower remodeling companies in our area, gives tips to help you create a luxury shower experience.

Invest in a Good Shower

The first thing you need to do is to set the right environment for relaxation. For instance, you can ask us to install our KOHLER® LuxStone shower for your home. This shower features walls that are made from crushed marble and they offer a high-end feel that you won’t find with acrylic showers. You can complement the luxurious feeling of our showers by lighting candles.

Make the Bathroom Steamy

You should also invest in good glass shower doors that you can shut tight when you take a shower. Your goal is to make your bathroom feel nice and steamy. Keeping the bathroom door and the shower door shut can create a more spa-like environment. As one of the top shower installation companies in our area, we offer a wide range of sturdy KOHLER® glass shower doors.

Set Up the Soundscape

To complete the spa-like feeling, you should invest in a good sound system for your bathroom. Cue up some calming and low-key music to help you relax. If you prefer no music, then that is good too. You can soak up the silence by making sure that your bathroom has no distractions. You just need to invest in a soundproof door.

HomePride by HomePride is one of the top shower replacement contractors in our area because of our premium products and exceptional workmanship. Our LuxStone showers offer custom design features to meet the lifestyle needs of discerning homeowners. This high-end shower system can be installed by our experts in as little as one day. Call us at (303) 558-5225 to learn more about our services and products or to request an estimate.

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