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Placement and Optics: Maximizing Limited Bathroom Space

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Maximizing the space in your bathroom, usually, the smallest part of your home, can be challenging.

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Maximizing the space in your bathroom, usually, the smallest part of your home, can be challenging. LuxStone™ of Colorado, one of the top bathtub replacement contractors in the state, shares some design tips for small bathrooms below.

Maximize the Use of Your Walls

Some bathrooms feel cramped despite having only the essentials. You can make it feel less cramped by maximizing the use of your walls and freeing up central space. Hang towels and personal care products on wall-mounted towel racks and other bathroom accessories and place bathroom fixtures against the furthest wall.

Using bathroom accessories can also free up space on your sink. To free up additional space on what is usually the most crowded feature in your bathroom, install a wall-mounted faucet.

Keep in mind, however, that wall-mounted faucets, bathroom accessories, and shelves are not suited for narrow bathrooms. Maximizing the space in narrow bathrooms is trickier, so it would be better to consult one of your local bathroom remodeling contractors.

Install a Triangular Shower Stall

A rectangular shower stall takes up too much precious space. Triangular shower stalls can make more efficient use of limited space in a small bathroom.

Use Bigger Tiles

Beyond freeing up physical space, some optical tricks can also help make your bathroom. One such trick is using larger tiles with thin grout lines. KOHLER® offers easy-to-clean natural marble tiles.

Take Advantage of Lighting

Better lighting can also make a room feel bigger than it is. Wall sconces and cove lighting, combined with large mirrors and clear-glass shower stalls, can provide ideal lighting in a small bathroom.

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