Major home improvement projects like bathroom remodeling can involve significant costs. However, there are simple upgrades that can make your space more functional and appealing without hurting your budget.

One of the area’s trusted walk-in bath companies shares minor but impactful upgrades that will dramatically improve your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and efficiency.

Paint Cabinet Doors

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a refresh is by painting cabinet doors. Just make sure to choose the right kind of paint so for the best results. You may also change the handles or hardware to give the cabinets a completely different look.

Bath and Shower Recess Painting

Over time, bath and shower recesses can change color, stain and scratch. There are paint products made for coating baths and shower recesses. Painting bath and shower recess are great for outdated and plain-looking bathrooms. However, if different parts of your bathroom are experiencing issues or look outdated, you may want to ask for the help of a bathroom or walk-in bath conversion contractor.

Get New Bath Towels

It’s time to let go of your old bath towels. Simply getting bright, beautiful towels can change the look and feel of your bathroom. They can also be an interesting accent, add a spa-like feel, and give some character to your space.

Place Some Greenery

Different kinds of indoor plants can thrive in your bathroom. Greeneries will add some life to your space and make it look fresher. They can also balance out the hard features and surfaces of your bathroom. Moreover, plants can add a pop of color to your interior without clashing with other hues. It means that they would look good even if you have textured or patterned tiles.

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