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Kid-Proof Bathroom Essentials: 3 Features to Have

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One of the first things families with a newborn think about is how to kid-proof their house. The bathroom, usually the smallest part of your house, can be especially problematic, however, because you want it to be particularly suited to your little one’s needs but kids grow up so quickly that they’ll easily outgrow many kid-friendly aspects of a newly remodeled bathroom.

How then can you maximize your returns on investments on a kid-proof bathroom?

Simply remodel the bathroom for adult use and then install some kid-friendly features. LuxStone™ of Colorado, one of the top bathroom conversion companies in the state, lists the essentials of any kid-friendly bathroom below.

  1. Corner Bath

Slippery bathroom floors pose a safety risk. Toddlers and seniors alike can easily slip on wet bathroom floors. The risk is bigger for them partly because of toddlers’ soft craniums and seniors’ brittle bones.

To prevent water from splashing onto the floors, consider installing a corner bath. That way, it’s easier to clean up spills, which can be restricted to a certain area. If, however, you have enough space, a shower enclosure would be a better choice. The doors will minimize splashes, and you can bathe your kid in a toddler tub until they’re big enough to use the shower. As an added safety precaution, you can widen grout lines between tiles to increase friction.

  1. Anti-Scald Devices

The skin of a toddler is also more fragile than an adult’s. To make sure hot water doesn’t hurt them, install anti-scald devices. These limit the amount of hot water, ensuring the water’s just the right temperature.

  1. Spill-Proof Countertops

If you want to make sure your bathroom remains in a pristine state, avoid granite countertops. They’re easily stained and scratched. Install a scratch-and-stain-resistant quartz countertop, which looks similar to granite, instead.

Keep in mind that this list isn’t exhaustive. To get value for your money and maximize your bathroom space, we recommend consulting trusted bathroom renovation companies in your area, one with a lot of experience to guide you every step of the way.

Looking for experienced contractors in your area?

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