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How a Tub-to-Shower Remodel Affects Your Home’s Resale Price

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Although typical American bathrooms have at least one complete bathroom, the popularity of tub-to-shower conversions shows that a lot of homeowners prefer having only just a shower. So, as you plan out your bathroom remodel, you might be wondering if converting your pre-existing bathtub to a shower would be a better choice.

Even if you hire professional bathroom remodeling contractors for your remodel, the benefit of a conversion actually depends on how you plan on using your new bathroom, as it may affect your home’s asking price later on.

Are You Planning to Sell Later On?

If a tub-to-shower conversion is what you want now, consider first how long you plan on residing in your home. If you’re going to sell your home in a few years, then having just a shower may lower offers and attract fewer potential buyers. Other than that, having a conversion can be much better for your way of life. Just be sure to design your bathroom remodel with your best interests in mind.

Comparing the Resale Value

Real estate professionals often suggest that homeowners should have at least one bathtub at home for the highest resale value. But based on a study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), they found that 51 percent of home buyers actually prefer a master bath with a bathtub. This basically means that the chances of a future home buyer preferring to have a complete bathroom in your home are almost 50/50, so keep this in mind when working with bathtub replacement contractors for your remodel.

The decision to have a tub-to-shower conversion is ultimately your choice, but don’t forget to consider how it will fit your future lifestyle. And if you’re already considering a conversion, then be sure to find the right contractor to discuss options on how it can be done.

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