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Choosing a Shower Size: What to Consider

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if you’re updating your bathroom, one of the things you have to decide on is shower size. Showering may appear like a straightforward activity but newer shower options today have made it possible to elevate a basic task into a cleansing ritual. Making the most of your shower, however, has a lot to do with having a space that is sized right. Bathtub replacement contractors HomePride are here to make sure you have that down by sharing what you have to consider below:

  • Your Bathroom’s Overall Size – Ideally, you should be able to turn in a circle with your arms outstretched in the shower. However, this isn’t always feasible in smaller bathrooms, so you have to make adjustments. Shower sizes can be as small as 32 x 32 inches but most people feel comfortable in spaces sized 48 x 36 inches. If you have room to spare, a minimum dimension of 60 x 36 inches is recommended.

  • Add-ons – After figuring out the shower size you will be comfortable in, it’s time to factor in any add-ons you might be interested in. This is important because additional features will require additional space. If you want a steam shower, for instance, you should have a maximum ceiling height of 8 feet. Note that enclosures will also call for more space. If you are interested in a bathtub and shower combo, you can ask bathtub installation contractors for sizing assistance.

Bathroom remodeling contractors HomePride is the expert to trust for all your shower requirements. With our experience and expertise, we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction, meeting (and even exceeding!) your expectations to ensure you make the most of your bathroom investment. To learn more about what we can do for you, simply give us a call at (303) 928-6696 or fill out our contact form. Talk to us today!

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