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Baths vs. Showers: Which Is Better?

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Which is better: baths or showers? They say it’s just a matter of preference, but we prefer the facts.

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Which is better: baths or showers? They say it’s just a matter of preference, but we prefer the facts. Here’s a detailed, evidence-based comparison from LuxStone™ of Colorado, one of the state’s top walk-in bath companies.

Which Is Better at Cleaning Your Skin?

There aren’t a lot of studies that tackle this question. If you were to ask us, there’s not a lot of difference between the two. The only problem with baths is taking a long soak is relaxing. That’s why a lot of people tend to stay in the tub longer. Unfortunately, long, warm baths can dry out your skin.

Which Is Better for Mother Earth?

Showers are, technically, the more eco-friendly choice, provided they aren’t too long and you’re using the right showerhead. If you want to conserve more water—and cut your utility bills—we recommend installing a water-saving showerhead. These can limit your water consumption to a maximum of two gallons per minute, allowing you to enjoy your shower while doing your bit for the environment.

Which One Do More People Use?

When in doubt, do as the Romans do. Well, you’re not exactly taking a vacation, but that adage does have a point: there must be a reason why more people prefer showers over baths or vice-versa. An online survey found that an overwhelming 90% of Americans like to use showers over baths. It also found that nearly half of the respondents sing in the shower—maybe that’s why showers are so popular?

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