As walk-in bath installation companies and interior designers know, there is a bathroom design for every taste and for every home style. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, this list should come in handy:

Simple Traditional

The simple bathroom is a combination of tones that give off the feeling of calm, most of all. Neutral colors dominate the design, together with soft patterns. Brown, tan, grey, and white are great color options for that warm, earthy feel. KOHLER® LuxStone™ has a selection of colors and patterns to complete your simple traditional bathroom.


A more minimalist approach, the modern farmhouse is collected and refined, with contrasting tones that set that rustic element. Shiplap walls are popular for this look, but for a more modern approach you can use smooth walls. Dark colors like navy and grey are right at home in this approach. LuxStone white and biscuit are great options for your walls too. Unlike in a real farmhouse bath, LuxStone walls are easy to clean and don’t stain easily. Complete the look with reclaimed wood and repurposed furniture.


This look is all about cleanliness and purpose. Clutter has no place in a contemporary bathroom, and even the common adornments that are present in other bathroom styles are missing. Get this look if tech is more to your taste.

You’ll want only the latest materials if you’re interested in a contemporary bathroom. And if you want a shower material that doesn’t stain or break easily, and which performs and looks better than tile or even granite, consider a LuxStone Shower. It will feel right at home in a contemporary design. Ask one of the best walk-in bath companies in your area to install a walk-in bath to complete that modern feel.


If you’re the type to accessorize quite heavily, then the eclectic design is right up your alley. It’s a combination of elements from farmhouse, contemporary, and other designs. It’s more an expression of personality than it is its own design.

LuxStone allows you to experiment, which is the very nature of an eclectic bathroom. You have the freedom to choose the LuxStone Shower that best suits your personality. You will also be free from the drudgery of cleaning your shower walls.


Of course, if you’d rather go for a classic, then choose a traditional bath. It’s a time-tested style that’s neither too old-fashioned nor too modern. Detail is the order of the day, leading to loads of character and calm. Marble, tile, and other classy materials call this home. However, if you’d rather have a classy material that performs better than the traditional ones, get a LuxStone Shower for your traditional bathroom.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be limited to the usual materials if you want the best remodel. Whatever style you desire, KOHLER® LuxStone has an answer. Give us a call at (303) 558-5225 or use this form to get started on your project. HomePride is always ready to help. We are also a walk-in bath conversion contractor .