Choosing the Right Color

When it comes to choosing the right exterior color for your home, it’s important to factor your personal taste, your home’s architectural style and design into consideration. It can be challenging to pick a color especially if your home goes well with a lot of them. To start, you can look up designs all over the Internet or go out for a walk around your neighborhood to see their home’s color schemes and take inspiration from there. Don’t forget to include their hardscaping and landscaping designs into account to see what kind of colors work well with them.

No-Regret Colors

1. Putty. Putty is a color regarded by both exterior and bathroom remodeling contractors as the new neutral color for homes nowadays. If you want your home to stand out even with neutral colors, you can change the color or the finish of your home’s woodwork for some variety. If you’re aiming for a touch of noir for your home, you can repaint your wood to black or deep brown as well.

2. Gray. Gray is a safe color that’s a timeless choice for numerous homeowners’ exteriors for many decades. It’s a classic look that will never fade out of style, especially when paired with white woodwork. If you want your woodwork to stand out, you can opt to use bright-colored doors such as yellow, red, orange, or even turquoise.

3. Blue. Blue is a great color for homeowners with a nautical spirit or for those who live near the coast. Nothing exudes calmness and stability more than any shade of blue. A home with blue exteriors is best paired with colors like gray or white. They could also be accented with red brick patios, steps, or even hardscaping.

4. Sage. This shade of green has been gaining popularity across the country, especially for areas with large greeneries. Sage is an excellent choice for these areas since your home’s color blends well with the gardens and trees surrounding it, providing a beautiful curbside view for anyone passing by your home.

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