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4 Bathroom Storage and Organization Tips from the Pros

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A well-organized, clutter-free bathroom evokes a sense of calm every time you go about your morning rituals. If you are looking to remodel this area of your home, be sure to consider how you can maximize its space for storage. Let HomePride, one of the leading shower remodeling companies, offer you some tips below:

1. Declutter first.

Organizing your bathroom should always start with a good decluttering. In doing this, make sure to ask a few questions to help you determine which items should remain or need to go. Whether they take up significant space and make your life better or easier can also be factored into your declutter.

2. Utilize the inside of cabinet doors.

The interior of your cabinet doors can give you a ton of extra storage. Over-the-door organizers can be mounted to hold products that you use to style your hair. Command hooks for hanging face towels are easy to remove so you can place them anywhere you want. Toothbrush organizers with a strong adhesive at the back can stick directly to the cabinet door.

3. Place a laundry bin.

Shower replacement contractors like us recommend having a laundry bin in the bathroom to store wet and dirty towels. This will make your laundry routine much simpler to do since you’re separating towels from the rest of your clothing items.

4. Consider a countertop tower filled with trays.

A tall, lean storage cabinet with levels of labeled trays as shelves allows you to separate personal products and determine shared shelf space. The lowest level of the cabinet can have an outlet to make sure your mobile phone or any rechargeable item doesn’t touch the countertop. As for the upper shelves, you can place shallow containers for each one so you can keep toiletries within reach and within sight.

For your bathroom remodeling needs, turn to HomePride. As one of the leading shower installation companies, we install the elite KOHLER® LuxStone Shower, Walk-In Baths, and other premium bathroom products. No matter what service you need, we’re dedicated to improving your bathroom to the best version it can be. Call us at (303) 558-5225 or fill out our contact form for a free quote.

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