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Tub-to-Shower Conversions: What You Need to Know

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Tubs are a great place to relax, but in a fast-paced modern lifestyle, they’re not exactly ideal. Busy professionals with families can’t take their time in the bathroom. And those with large families know what will greet them if they take too long in the bathroom—a line of irate family members. That’s just one of the reasons more families are switching to showers.

More importantly, it will be less of a hassle and quicker to get in and out of the shower. As such, showers have also become the preferred fixture for professionals with tight schedules.

Interested in converting your tub to a shower? Keep in mind that extensive remodeling work like a tub-to-shower conversion will entail a lot of modifications. Knowing the extent of these modifications can help you set a budget and figure out if getting a shower is the right thing for you and your family.

HomePride by HomePride, one of the state’s top bathroom conversion companies, elaborates on the factors that may complicate a tub-to-shower conversion would entail below.

Tub Size

How extensive the bathroom remodeling work would depend on whether a new shower stall can be directly fitted onto the existing tub space. If your tub is at least 60 inches wide and at least 30 inches deep, then the contractor should have no problem fitting a new shower stall. But if it isn’t, more extensive remodeling work, like relocating the pipes, will be needed.

Either way, tub-to-shower conversion contractors will inform you of the need for any additional work.

Maximizing Space

The majority of bathrooms won’t have enough space for a new fixture, which means you’ll have to prioritize. If you want a bigger shower area, for example, there should be enough space left for your toilet. Otherwise, some additional remodeling work may be needed.

Keep in mind that more extensive work will need a higher level of expertise. To prevent any additional costs, only hire a reputable and experienced contractor.

HomePride by HomePride, one of the state’s top bathroom renovation companies, offers a wide range of bathroom remodeling services. For inquiries, call us at (303) 928-6696 or leave us a message on this form.

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