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Top Aging-In-Place Modifications and Why You Might Need Them

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Aging-in-place home modifications help improve mobility in your home as you age. In addition to making it getting around your home easier as you age, aging-in-place modifications can also increase your home’s value. As one of the leading bathroom conversion companies in Colorado, LuxStone® of Colorado shares a look at the top aging-in-place home modifications.

Top Aging-In-Place Modifications

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the top four most common aging-in-place modifications homeowners have undertaken in the past year are:

  • Grab Bars — Grab bars help improve mobility by having something to lean on in areas of the house where one may need additional support. Bathrooms, in particular, require grab bars for support when using the toilet and when moving from one area to another.
  • Higher Toilets — Higher toilets make it easier to transition between sitting and standing positions.
  • Curbless Showers — These are showers that allow walking in without skipping over a curb or partition. This is ideal for elderly family members who have difficulty raising their legs. Existing bathtubs can be converted by tub to shower conversion contractors.
  • Doorway Widening — This helps improve accessibility for the wheelchair-bound, as well as those who need to lean on someone for assistance as they walk to the bathroom.

It’s not surprising that the list is dominated by bathroom modifications. Many people still want to maintain their privacy when they bathe and use the toilet, but at the same time, these tasks can become more difficult to do during their later years.

Why Do You Need Aging-In-Place Modifications Now?

Your bathroom may undergo one or two remodeling projects in your lifetime. If you are planning on staying in your home in your late age, you need to be able to get around your home. Incorporating aging-in-place modifications now while you’re still able to oversee is essentially future-proofing your home. Bathroom renovation companies like us can help you design the custom modifications that will suit your present and future needs.

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