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Making Your Bathroom Age-Friendly

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Saving enough money for retirement is an essential part of any retirement plan, but if you own a home, so is preparing your house for your golden years. As you age, you’ll find it hard to move around and access certain areas of your home, particularly your bathroom. This isn’t helped by the fact that bathrooms tend to be the smallest part of the house, practically making it inaccessible for the elderly.

Luckily, you can prepare for this by making a few modifications as early as now. HomePride by HomePride, one of the state’s top bathtub replacement contractors, shares some suggestions below.

Bigger Bathrooms

There’s just no avoiding this fact: the elderly, especially those who need wheelchairs, need a more spacious bathroom. You can move fixtures in your bathroom to maximize space, but if not enough space was freed up, your bathroom will still be unsuitable for the elderly.

A More Ergonomic Bathroom Layout

However, adding more space won’t necessarily make your bathroom more age-friendly. Although the elderly will have more room, the layout might not force them to walk back and forth to use the bathroom. For example, the sink might be placed at the farthest end of the bathroom, forcing the elderly to walk quite a distance just to use it.

The layout of the bathroom and the placement of the fixtures have to take into account human movement as well. It’s best to consult one of your local bathroom remodeling contractors about how to make your bathroom layout more ergonomic and age-friendly.

Curbless Showers

Doing simple everyday things, such as bathing yourself, will get a lot harder, not to mention more dangerous, as you grow older; you can trip over the shower curb and hurt yourself. Installing a curbless shower can make bathing a lot easier. Adding a few features like a handheld shower, grab bars and slip-resistant tiling can also make the bathroom even more convenient and safer.

Already have a few age-friendly features in mind? HomePride by HomePride, one of the top bathtub installation contractors in the state, offers bathroom remodeling services. For inquiries, call (303) 928-6696 or fill out this form.

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