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Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

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After deciding to remodel your bathroom, there are then some common mistakes to watch out for. So, when it comes to your bathroom, don’t make these 5 remodeling mistakes!

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Avoid Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

After deciding to remodel your bathroom, there are then some common mistakes to watch out for. So, when it comes to your bathroom, don’t make these remodeling mistakes!

1. Not Hiring a Professional

This is probably the biggest mistake people make when they decide to remodel their bathroom. Unless you are  an experienced DIY expert, converting your tub to a shower or other major bathroom renovations are best left to the pros. There are many variables with the plumbing, structures, and even access, not to mention potential electric and water issues. 

Hire a professional bathroom remodeler such as HomePride to ensure your project is done right and guaranteed.

2. Not Planning for the Future

Another mistake people make is not planning for their future selves. Right now you may be able to hop in and out of your bathtub with ease, but that will change as you age. If you are on the cusp of those “not so nimble years” and you plan on aging in place in your home, you should consider those needs now when you are making the investment. Otherwise you may be doing it all over again.

There are many beautiful safety options that can be done such as tub to shower conversions so you have a low threshold and a slip resistant base. There are even attractive shower shelves that double as grab bars. A little extra consideration of your future self could save a lot more than money in the long run.

3. Skimping on Materials

You get what you pay for is especially true in the bath space. Plastic inserts and budget fixtures will get you right where you are today in a few years as they are not designed for the long haul. High quality materials such as KOHLER LuxStone walls and KOHLER fixtures are designed with lasting quality and performance in mind. And really, getting that quality is much more affordable than you think. There are design choices you can make that check all your boxes and leave money in the bank.

Do your research and understand the troubles you are having now that you want to avoid and you will make smart choices and enjoy your new bath or shower for years and years without worry or regret.

4. Not Getting Everything in Writing

The days of a handshake to seal a deal are sadly long gone. When you hire a pro and don’t get everything in writing beforehand you can end up with subpar work or disputes about what was supposed to be included in the project. Then you are in a no win he-said she-said situation.

To avoid all of these headaches, make sure you get everything in writing before work begins. And with bathroom updates a drawing and measurements are critical. That way, there will be no surprises later on down the road.

If you avoid these mistakes, your bathroom remodel will go much more smoothly. And if you need help with your project, be sure to call HomePride for all your bath or shower update needs!

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