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7 Best Options for Remodeling a Small Bathroom

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Making Your Small Bathroom Better

Bathrooms are an important part of your home, which is why you should love yours. Having a small bathroom can be less than ideal. But, with these 7 tricks, you may be able to create the illusion of a larger bathroom. 

Here are 7 of the best options for remodeling a small bathroom:

1. Get rid of the tub.

If you never use your tub and it’s taking up valuable space in your small bathroom, get rid of it! This will give you more space to work with and make your bathroom feel bigger.

2. Install a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower is a great option for small bathrooms because it doesn’t require any extra space for doors or curtains. Plus, it can make your bathroom feel more open and airy.

3. Add storage.

One way to make the most of a small bathroom is to add extra storage. This could mean adding shelves above the toilet or installing a medicine cabinet.

4. Update the fixtures.

Another way to freshen up a small bathroom is to update the fixtures. This could include anything from new faucets to a new light fixture.

5. Paint the walls.

A fresh coat of paint can really brighten up a small bathroom and make it feel new again.

6. Hang some art.

Artwork is a great way to add personality to any room, including a small bathroom. Choose something that speaks to you and makes you happy every time you see it.

7. Choose HomePride of Sacramento.

We’re always here for your bath or shower update needs! If you have a small bathroom and are ready to remodel your bathroom to create more storage or to do a tub to shower conversion, you can rely on us. We’re 5-star rated and fully insured, so call us today at 916-659-5338 for your next project!

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