Choosing the right shower base is one of the crucial aspects of tackling a tub-to-shower conversion. After all, it is the foundation of the shower and it has a lot to say about the style and cost of the project. Disregard it and you are looking at floor leaks that may force you to redo the entire shower again. You wouldn’t want that given the investment you’ve made to replace your old, unappealing tub in the first place.

HomePride, one of the leading walk-in bath companies in the local area, share these three tips for choosing the right shower pan.

1. Make the Assessment

The amount you spend for the shower pan should be determined by your goals for your property, the people who will use it, and the appearance that looks best for you. Don’t consider a cheap one if you are planning to stay in your home and have no plans to move out to a new property. With so many available materials for the shower base, you can easily pick the right one according to your budget and your needs.

2. Going Custom

Any walk-in bath conversion contractor would want its customers’ remodeling projects to be successful, improving the aesthetics and function. Should you consider a stylish shower, you may likely be told to consider choosing a custom-sized shower pan. With this, you are afforded a variety of material choices, from cultured marble to site-built tiles.

3. People Who Are Going to Use the Shower

All shower bases are not created the same way. Some have either tall or low shower curbs, while others don’t have any of them. In choosing the right shower pan, consider who will use it. For the elderly, a low-profile or curbless pan is the best choice.

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