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3 Reasons to Not Delay Your Bathroom Remodel

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At HomePride Bath, we understand that a bathroom remodel is a big investment.

At HomePride Bath, we understand that a bathroom remodel is a big investment. We are a 5-star rated and locally owned business serving the Front Range of Colorado, Western Colorado, Wyoming, and Sacramento.

Here are 3 reasons why you should not delay your bath remodel:

1. Safety Risk

Bathrooms are the #1 place for accidents in your home. If you are aged 65 and older you will be shocked to know that up to 80% of falls in the home occur in the bathroom and 66% of all bathroom injuries occur while in the tub or shower. By updating your shower/bath space to include non-slip surfaces, low thresholds, grab bars and other safety features, you can lower the risk of injury and Live with Grace in your home. Let HomePride help you preserve your independence by designing a safer bath space with:

  • Low-threshold walk-in-showers
  • Shower seats
  • Multiple grab bars
  • Walk-in baths
  • Anti-scald shower valves
  • Lever-handled faucets
  • Slide bar hand-held shower fixture for sitting and standing
  • Higher toilets with no-slam seats and lids
  • Family safety package

2. Reduced Value

It is important to maintain your home aesthetically and functionally. An outdated bathroom could affect your asking price if you are going to sell, or cause costly maintenance issues that simply become a headache and reduce the enjoyment of your home. The good news is you don’t have to gut your bathroom to the studs to increase it’s value or enjoyment.

According to Remodeling.com’s 2022 Cost vs Value Report even a mid-range bath remodel can increase resale value by $15,990 or more!

You can update or convert a shower or bathtub or do a midrange remodel including a new shower, sinks, vanities, toilet, and flooring in just a couple days*. That is a minimal interruption for maximum gain.

3. It’s Faster Than You Think

If you think you will have to do without your bathroom for a couple weeks during a replacement you are going to be pleasantly surprised! Standard bath or shower replacements can be done in as little as one day! Yep, one day! In fact, HomePride can remodel your whole bathroom in just a day or two if you like! Old tubs can be removed without disturbing the rest of your bathroom and replaced by a brand new safe and beautiful shower. So say good-bye to your old bath at breakfast, because by dinner you will be reveling in your new luxury shower space.

If your shower needs a facelift or you just want to learn about design options, call HomePride Bath at 970-610-6737. We have years of experience in bathroom remodels and our team of professionals can help make sure your shower looks great for years to come.

*Sacramento, CA location services may vary. Due to CA permitting processes installation could be a day or two more. Call for details. 

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